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This album is a collection of my experiences living as a foreigner in the U.S. for the past 15 years and redefining my Korean roots. With my formative years in the U.S, my own perception of racial and ethnic identity would often see-saw between pride and resentment. “Departure” features contemplations on my own identity that often felt too heavy, abstract, and subtle to describe. These themes are wholeheartedly expressed through various genres such as Lo-fi, Reggae, Dupstep and Trap. My hope is that others can relate to my reflections and continue the conversation.

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Chris Val and Macrohard-

Fume (Feat. Gonhills and Kiture)


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[M/V] Chris Val & Macrohard - Fume(Feat.Gonhills, Kiture)

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Hip-hop | KPOP

Gonhills is a Korean American rapper, producer, songwriter, lyricist based in Boston. He started his music career in Korea as a songwriter/lyricist in 2016. He produced and collaborated with K-POP artists like Flowsik, Jessi, and Gary. In 2020, Gonhills moved back to Boston and dropped his first EP,  "출국 | Departure". 


Mission Statement: Make uplifting music for Asian American communities and abridge the cultural gaps that exist among different cultures.

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